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Fit Nerd Problems: When the majority of the apps on your iPhone are health and fitness related.

  1. Super Better- A fun, interactive experience with goal-making in mind
  2. My Fitness Pal- A phenomenal resource for calorie logging, friendly support, and more
  3. Nike+ iPod- Syncs with my Nike+ shoes, produces stats for average speed, distance, and estimated caloric burn 
  4. Commit- A simple, clean, goal tracker. Don’t break the streak!
  5. Fitocracy- A great way to keep track of your workouts, and find support/competition along the way
  6. Zombies, Run!- Seriously, who doesn’t want to outrun the apocalypse?
  7. Nike+ Training- A great resource for different types of exercises and challenges
  8. Yoga- Create your own routine, or go by one of the presets
  9. Black and White Vinyasa- Just downloaded this recently, but it looks fun!
  10. Healthy- Simple and quick recipes for the health conscious, by Good Food
  11. Whole Foods- Grocery lists and recipes from a great grocery store
  12. Gorilla- How bananas are you for fitness? Choose your level and find out!
  13. Slim Down- Collection of tips from Jillian Michaels
  14. 5K Runner- My favorite couch to 5K program
  15. Leap- Challenge your body and your photography skills, along with friends
  16. Park Finder- Sure, you could Google it, but where’s the fun in that? Plus, it allows you to find which nearby parks have your favorite outdoor activity!

What are your favorite fitness apps?

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